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What types of chastity belts are there?


Chastity belts are devices that were originally designed to keep female partners faithful in relationships by preventing them from engaging in sexual activity while wearing it. These days, chastity belts are worn by people as a part of BDSM play. They are usually worn by a submissive partner, either of their own will or under the direction of a dominant partner.

There are a variety of chastity belts out there, each with its own unique features and characteristics. Typical chastity belts are worn around the wearer’s waist, with some belts having leg straps to make sure the chastity belt is securely fastened. They will also feature some kind of locking mechanism to prevent the wearer from taking the belt off without the key. Here’s some of the different types of chastity belts you can get:

  1. Male chastity belts: Male chastity belts are designed to prevent men from engaging in sexual activity or masturbating. They usually feature a chastity cage to restrict access to the genitals, but designs can differ depending on the belt. Some chastity belts will feature a shield or a permanently enclosed pouch to restrict access to the wearer’s genitals.
  2. Female chastity belts: Female chastity belts are designed to prevent sexual activity or masturbation in women. They typically include a shield to cover the vulva and prevent access to the genital area. Different designs for female chastity belts may include a permanently enclosed pouch to keep the wearer in chastity.
  3. Silicone chastity belts: These chastity belts are made using silicone, a flexible and hypoallergenic material which makes it well-suited for wearing around the genital area. Chastity belts that primarily consist of silicone are usually more comfortable than belts made with other materials, as they are softer and more pliable. Depending on who the belt is intended for, it may feature a cage, shield or other chastity device to cover the wearer’s genitals and restrict access.
  4. Leather chastity belts: Leather chastity belts are made of vegan leather, a durable and strong material that is often used in BDSM gear. Leather chastity belts may be made in a variety of styles and may include a cage or shield to cover the genitals and prevent access.
  5. Stainless steel chastity belts: These chastity belts primarily consist of stainless steel, resulting in a belt that is even more durable and sturdy than a leather belt. This in turn means that they are less forgiving to wear as the belt will be inflexible when compared to belts made with other materials.
  6. Custom chastity belts: Custom chastity belts are designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the wearer. They can be made using a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, silicone, or leather, and may be custom-fitted to ensure the perfect fit. Custom chastity belts may include a variety of features and design elements, such as cages, shields, specific locks, and may be tailored to meet the specific needs and desires of the wearer.

There’s a wide range of chastity belts to choose from, differing in design and the materials used to craft them. Whatever type of belt you choose, make sure you pick one that is properly fitted so it can properly cover your genitals and prevent you from engaging in sexual activity while you are wearing it. At Chastity Belt Australia we are Australia's largest chastity belt store which provides the highest quality belts at affordable prices. Check out our range today.