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What is a Chastity Belt?

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Excessive levels of sexual libido in the past led to invention of chastity belts, with wearers being left unable to masturbate or receive sexual pleasure. Fast forward to the present day and you will find that chastity belts have found a new home in the BDSM community, used as a tool to control and deny a sub from gratifying themselves until you decide to free them from their chastity belt.

Keep reading to learn more about chastity belts, how they became popular as a sex toy and the different kinds of chastity belts that you can buy for your next BDSM session.

What is a Chastity Belt?

A chastity belt is a device that can be worn by both men and women to prevent them from having sexual intercourse or masturbating. Women’s belts will have a solid material that completely blocks off their vagina, while men’s belts can have a similar design or a chastity cage attached which goes over their penis to prevent masturbation. Some chastity belts are designed so that the wearer can still go to the toilet while locked up, leaving them with no excuses for wanting to end their chastity early.

Historically, chastity belts were used to prevent a spouse, typically the wife, from committing adultery while their husband was at work or out of the house. Men’s chastity belts, and other chastity devices, have become popular in BDSM play as they provide doms with a unique way to control their sub.

Why are Chastity Belts Popular?

So how did the chastity belt, designed as a tool with no sexual purpose, form the niche of chastity play that people over the world love? Here are some factors that have contributed to the increase of popularity in chastity belts:

The Internet

The introduction of the internet has allowed people to do things that were previously impossible. Historical information about chastity belts would have been documented, which then could have been found by BDSM enthusiasts who realised they could repurpose the devices into sex toys. The use of chastity belts in BDSM play would then be shared in different mediums on the internet; through BDSM forums, newly created chastity forums and even in pornography.

Online sex stores have allowed people to shop anonymously instead of having to go into a sex shop, having others see and potentially judge your purchases. This might not affect serious kink enthusiasts but people who are curious or new to BDSM may feel reluctant to go into a store in fear of being seen or judged while making their purchase.

Sexual Progressiveness

As the world becomes more progressive, people have become more comfortable with being open about their sexuality. This has allowed people to freely communicate with partners about sexual curioisites and desires that they have.

Not only did this make chastity belts more popular, but it has made BDSM as well as other niche kinks more popular too.

Sexual Curiosity

Increased sexual curiosity is a result of both the internet and sexual progressiveness. 

Free pornography on the internet has drastically increased the consumption of sexual media, which then makes people curious when they watch something and wonder how it would feel.

Society becoming more progressive has allowed people to be more open with their sexuality, which leads to sex related conversations that can spark one’s curiosity.

What Styles of Chastity Belts are there?

Chastity belts can be used by men and women alike, although their designs will differ slightly to ensure proper functionality. Here are some examples of different types of chastity belt designs.

Leather Chastity Belts

A leather chastity belt will usually be made of just leather. Women’s chastity belts are more likely to be 100% leather, while a men’s chastity belt will have a chastity cage made of a different material such as resin, metal or silicone.

G-String Chastity Belts

This style of chastity belt will resemble a g-string, usually made with thin straps or a rope-like material. As this is a stylistic design, g-string chastity belts can be made with a wide variety of different materials.

Metal Chastity Belts

These chastity belts will either be 100% metal or a mix of metal and a softer material that is plated in metal. They are perfect for people who love the look and feel of metal, or think that using metal is more secure as it can’t be broken easily.


Once upon a time, chastity belts were used to prevent infidelity. They have now become a popular sex toy used by chastity enthusiasts and people in the BDSM community. With different styles available for both men and women, chastity is available to anyone that wants to add the unique control it brings into their sex life.