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Wearing a Chastity Belt as a Man: What to Expect

two different types of male chastity belts


Chastity belts are a type of chastity device that are worn around the waist and legs to secure it in place. They are designed to restrict the wearer’s access to their genitals and stop them from engaging in sexual activity and masturbation. This is achieved through the use of an attached chastity cage, metal plate or a sealed pouch that make the wearer’s genitals inaccessible. If you haven’t worn a male chastity belt before, there are several things that you should expect when wearing one.

What to expect when wearing a male chastity belt

Wearing a chastity belt can be a very intense experience for some men. The idea of giving up control of their sex life can evoke a range of emotions, some men can find this thrilling while others may find it intimidating. Having a clear understanding of why you want to wear a chastity belt will help you have a positive experience when it’s time to get locked up. If you are using a chastity belt with a partner, have a discussion with them beforehand to make sure you are both on the same page.

Here are some examples of what you can expect when you wear a chastity belt:

Being locked in chastity

This is the most significant aspect of wearing a chastity belt and will usually be the main reason why you are wearing one in the first place. Chastity belts are a type of chastity device, designed to prevent the wearer from masturbating or engaging in sexual activity while locked up.

The most obvious effect of being locked in a chastity belt is the physical restriction. You will no longer be able to touch your penis and your erections will be restricted as well. This can build up sexual frustration and arousal in the wearer for as long as the chastity belt stays on.

The second effect of wearing a chastity belt is psychological. Having your sex life no longer under your own control can create a strong sense of submission and vulnerability in the wearer. The feeling of your sex life being controlled by a keyholder can be an extreme turn on for some men, especially those that enjoy BDSM and power exchange.

Getting used to wearing a chastity belt

The next thing you will have to get used to is the physical feeling of wearing the chastity belt. You may find it uncomfortable or strange while wearing the belt initially, but once you get used to it you’ll start paying less attention to it.

More than just chastity

Depending on the chastity belt you are wearing, there may be additional things that you will have to get used to. Chastity belts are easily customisable and you may find that your one also comes with a butt plug, a spiked cage or a sounding cage. If your partner has chosen a chastity belt for you to wear, make sure you talk with them beforehand so they know your boundaries and what add ons you are comfortable with wearing.


Wearing a chastity belt provides men with a unique sexual experience that can be intense and rewarding, especially for men that like BDSM and power exchange play. If you find your experience in chastity is overwhelming you, make sure you communicate this to your partner so you can find a way to make it work for you both. Chastity belts can become a great asset in the bedroom and will intensify your sex life when used properly.