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The most popular chastity belt products for 2022

two chastity belts side by side for comparison


Chastity Belts were believed to be primarily designed for women in the middle ages to prevent them from being raped, having sexual intercourse or masturbating. Though their existence in the past is questioned, they have managed to become a thing in modern times. Below are the top 5 chastity belts.

Steel Shut In Chastity Belt

This is a modern chastity belt designed for men who love the look and feel of stainless steel. It comes with an adjustable waist in either 60-90cm or 90-110cm, a stainless steel chastity cage, ventilation holes and a silicone inlaid steel belt for added comfort.  Anyone can choose this brand and enjoy it. The Steel Shut In Chastity Belt is secured with either a single thong style string or dual-string similar to how jock straps work so you can choose what works best for you.  

Silicone Chastity Belt

If you prefer a minimalist belt style with a silicone cage then this chastity belt is for you. Here is the Silicone Chastity Belt for men. This belt brings comfort and function together in one of the coolest ways. The chastity cage comes with holes for ventilation, and a smooth silicone lining to prevent providing a soft flexible surface. Available in a wide range of colours, it comes in a 55cm waist and a 34cm leg.

Love Plug Chastity Belt

And who says you can't enjoy the best of both worlds? While being locked in chastity, this belt allows you to enjoy anal stimulation. It features a butt plug in the seat of the strap that runs underneath. So you are locked up in front but pleasured at the rear. The steel band has a silicone lining on it for a comfortable use. Once again, you will love the 11.9cm butt plug addition. It is why this product is called the Love Plug Chastity Belt. The sizing on this one is 60 to 90cm waist measurement.

Bondage Harness Chastity Belt

The Bondage Harness Chastity Belt combines the serious business of chastity and the play of bondage in one piece of work. If you are into the two activities then this one's for you. The material is faux leather, the pouch that locks in chastity is attached to the belt with metallic studs.

Don't worry about the studs though, they are for aesthetics and for adjusting the belt to fit your size. This chastity belt takes the whole business to a new level. The waist is adjustable between 95cm and 110cm.

Femme Bondage Chastity Belt

This belt is for women who want to enjoy bondage experiences while pursuing chastity. The Femme Bondage Chastity Belt is a cute belt that you attached around the waist and thighs to achieve a close and comfortable fit. What you get is a lockup that is secure and a bondage that is sure.

Now not every customer has the same waist type or size of thighs, but you can always have a comfortable fit because of the multiple notches on the belt which allows you to adjust to your needs, or those of your master.

Now ladies can do both: go into chastity mode and role play bondage with a master. This belt comes with an adjustable waist between 98 and 105cm and legs of 36 to 57cm.

All the products reviewed here can be received in plain packages to prevent third parties from violating your privacy. Shipping is discreet.

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