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Exploring Male Chastity Belts in the Bedroom

two types of male chastity belts


Chastity belts are a type of chastity device worn by men and women who derive gratification from submission, specifically through denying themselves from being sexually pleasured. This may sound confusing, but the constant denial builds up sexual frustration which will turn on the wearer even more. This continues on in an endless cycle until the wearer is allowed to take off their chastity device.

In this article we will be covering male chastity belts, how you can use them to enhance your sex life and why you would choose them instead of a chastity cage.

Chastity in the bedroom

Chastity is a fetish that is most commonly practised by people who are into BDSM. It provides doms with a unique way to exercise control over their sub, inversely it also gives subs a unique way to submit power to their dom. The sexual frustration that builds up in the wearer is likely to make them more submissive, eager to please their dom for the chance of being unlocked.

Differences between chastity belt and chastity cages

Just in case you’re inexperienced when it comes to chastity, we will briefly explain the differences between chastity belts and cages.

Chastity cages are a lot smaller and lighter than belts. They function by attaching a cage to a base ring, which goes around your package. The cage is then locked, staying on by keeping your balls trapped in between the cage and the ring.

Chastity belts are worn around the waist, with different designs having different features such as leg straps, a thong back and detachable butt plugs. The design also dictates how chastity is enforced, with some belts using a cage and others using a metal plate or a pouch to deny access.

Why choose a male chastity belt over a chastity cage?

This comes down to personal preference of you and your partner, as they both accomplish the same goal. 

Chastity cages come in a wide variety of designs and materials, making it easier to find one that you really like. They are also less bulky than chastity belts, and are good choices for when you need to get locked up quickly.

While chastity belts are bulkier, some people actually choose them for this reason. Depending on the person, the bulkiness of a chastity belt can be more visually appealing than a dainty chastity cage. Chastity belts are also customisable and can be used to lock and plug the wearer at the same time. Whilst chastity cages are popular chastity belts can be harder to find. Thankfully as Australia's biggest chastity belt store you can find the exact belt that you need.

How you can use male chastity belts in the bedroom

Chastity belts are a great addition to your sex toy collection. Here are a few suggestions on using them to spice up your sex life:

  • Using a chastity belt can be an exciting way to add BDSM elements to your next session, specifically dominance and submission.
  • Use a chastity belt with a butt plug attachment to pleasure and heighten sexual frustration for the wearer.
  • Use a chastity belt with matching accessories to complete the look. Some examples are a stainless steel belt with metal restraints, or a faux leather chastity belt coupled with a harness.

  • Wearing a chastity belt consistently to build up sexual frustration will make your next session more intense. This will make you a lot more eager to please your partner so that you can get unlocked, or heighten your solo play after days of being unable to masturbate or even touch yourself.


Chastity belts are a great way to introduce chastity play into your sex life, but at the same time they aren’t for everyone. You’ll need to think about what you want when it comes to a chastity device so that you can make the choice between getting a chastity belt or a chastity cage. If you want a chastity device that makes a bold statement with just one look, have a look through our range of male chastity belts to find your new favourite toy.